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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Google Adwords Pay Per Click AdvertisingGoogle Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Google Adwords is a great way to drive instant traffic to your website to convert into sales enquiries for your business.

Google Adwords is Pay-Per Click advertising and is positioned on the right hand side and the top three on the left hand side in the Google search engine.

Google Adwords Set-Up

It’s very important the Google Adwords Campaign is highly targeted from the keywords used in the search box, your Google Ad, through to your company offering on the related landing pages of your website.

If this isn’t achieved, Adwords can easily eat into your budget, providing unrelated results, minimal conversions from your website and costing more money.

With Google Adwords, the more targeted and relevant campaign, the higher the conversions through to your website and the lower the cost per click you pay.

We can setup Google Adwords for you to produce a highly targeted campaign for best performance.

The Google Adwords PPC campaign setup consists of:

  • Keyword research and evaluation relevant to your business with good commercial intent.
  • Set-up the campaign with each keyword per Ad Group, targeting phrase match and exact match keywords, making the campaign tightly focused, targeted and relevant for best performance and lower cost per clicks.
  • Set-up any negatives between our selected keywords to increase ‘click through rates and lower cost per clicks.
  • Write and set-up Google Ad’s per keyword, making relevant to the keyword to increase quality score, with unique selling points and call to actions to increase visitor conversions.
  • Ensure final campaign settings are set for optimum performance within minimum cost, such as:  locations, networks, budgets, scheduling, etc. relevant to your business needs.

Google Adwords Monthly Management

Once the Adwords Campaign is setup, it’s important to regularly manage the campaign throughout the month to ensure the best performance and the best price is continually achieved.

Our Google Adwords monthly management consists of the following:

  • Campaign check to ensure all Ads are running
  • Optimisation of each keyword’s ‘maximum cost per click’ (CPC) against position to ensure they are in the optimum position to achieve good ‘click through rates’ with the lowest ‘cost per clicks possible
  • Analysis of actual search terms used by searchers to improve performance and cost:
    • Find relevant keywords to incorporate and optimise within the campaign
    • Turn non-relevant keywords ‘negative’ to ensure your Ads are not shown for unrelated searches.
  • Analysis of all keywords, clicks, impressions, ‘click through rates’, ‘cost per clicks’, overall cost.
  • Full campaign analysis and report provided twice a month on the above.

Free Advertising With Google Adwords Vouchers

If you are just considering Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising then we can help with the cost.

We can provide Google Adwords Vouchers to get you started that will give you up £75 off your Google advertising cost.

If this is of interest and you would like to getting moving, please contact us immediately

Contact us for a FREE Adwords evaluation today!

We would very much like the opportunity to work with you to produce a highly optimised Google Adwords Campaign to drive highly targeted visitors to your website to convert into enquiries and sales for your business.

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